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Machine Learning Tokyo
Privacy Guideline

Machine Learning Tokyo (hereinafter, “Our Company”), while establishing “Basic Policy of Machine learning Tokyo on How to Treat Personal Information” to protect privacy of those who use the websites operated by Our Company, announces this privacy guideline on how Our Company processes customers’ personal data including customers’ personal information.


Machine Learning Tokyo(以下、当社)は、当社が運営するウェブサイト等を安心してご利用いただけるようにするため、「Machine Learning Tokyoの個人情報取り扱いに関する基本方針」を定めるとともに、お客様の個人情報を含むパーソナルデータの取扱い要領について、プライバシーガイドラインとして以下に開示いたします。


1. Purpose of Processing Personal Information
The purposes for which Our Company collects Personal Information are as follows:
(1) To provide services etc. fitting for a customer;


(2) To deliver goods, prizes etc. a customer has ordered or applied for;


(3) To confirm or announce necessary information in relation to above (1) and (2) (including inquiry to financial institution and credit card company etc. for settlement procedure.)


(4) To report the result etc. of survey or event etc. to those who have cooperated or participated in.


(5) To announce information relating to service to a customer;


(6) To improve Our Company’s service and to develop new service;


(7) To respond inquiry from a customer;


(8) Prevention or taking measures of wrongful act;


(9) To announce goods, services and/or event and to deliver present or survey provided by associated companies etc.



2. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party
Our Company shall not provide collected Personal Information to a third party without obtaining prior consent from a customer; provided that Our Company may provide Personal Information to a third party in any of the following cases:


(1) Cases based on laws and regulations including inquiry pursuant to Criminal Procedure Law;


(2) Cases where it is necessary to protect a human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain a his/her consent


(3) Cases where there is a special need to enhance public hygiene or promote sound fostering of children;


(4) Cases where requested to provide by public authorities such as state and Our Company deems appropriate to cooperate.


3.Control etc. of Personal Information
Our Company shall control collected Personal Information properly in accordance.


4. Disclosure, Correction etc. of Personal Information
If the customer wishes to inquire, correct, delete etc.
Our Company will respond after confirming your identity.


5. Link to Outside Websites
The website operated by Our Company may include links to outside websites. In no event shall Our Company be responsible or liable for handling or protection of personal information or contents at outside websites. In case customer has any question or opinion, please ask relevant websites directly.



6.Amendment of Privacy Guideline
Our Company may amend whole or part of this privacy guideline from time to time in order to meet the changes of business of Our Company and/or amendment of laws and regulations concerning protection of Personal Information.


7.Inquiry on Personal Information
If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us.